Chromatic Tuners

Tuning A Guitar for Beginners

A chromatic tuner is a device we use to detect a pitch of note from our musical instruments. It will tune to any note including sharps and flats. The tuning range cover all the 12 notes of the scale and therefore, it can be used not only for guitar and bass, but also for other stringed instruments like violin, cello, mandolins etc.

There are many types of chromatic tuners we could choose to detect desired pitch. Some built with LCD display, LED lights or an analogue needle to indicate the pitch of a note played. Some tuners integrated with a microphone, input and output jack. These types of tuners are usually meant for electrical instruments. As for power supply, some tuners are powered by battery and some has AC power supply jack.

chromatic tunerIn general, chromatic tuners come in various sizes. Clip-on tuner is small and it could fits in your pocket. The advantage is they are very convenience for you to bring it along to anywhere and pass around to anyone. Some chromatic tuners are in solid square box built like a tank! This type of tuner will give you a very accurate tuning and make your instrument sounds great.

Be it simple or complex design, with cheap or expensive price tag, a good chromatic tuner will definitely makes music playing much easier. All the excitement starts when your instrument is in tune.