Intelli IMT-500 Clip-on Tuner Review

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You don’t have to be a professional musician to get your instrument in accurate tune. Cheat a little with this cutie and your instrument will just sounds perfect. Intelli IMT-500 is a clip-on chromatic digital tuner. It is design to tune all types of stringed musical instruments. For example like guitar, bass, violin, banjo, mandolin, etc. This tuner built in compact form which means no wires, microphones or pickups attached. It works great even in room noise ambient. With its bright backlit display, this tuner makes string tuning a super easy work.

Just clip Intelli IMT-500 on to your instrument headstock and all tuning will start with the vibrations of your strings. Everything else is automatic! The vibrations themselves tell the IMT500 what string is being tuned and if it is flat, sharp, or just right. The calibrate button to the right of the display screen is used to tune an instrument to a pitch other than 440 Hz. (440 Hz is the default pitch, which equals C with no flat.)

Product Features

  • Can tune is noisy environment
  • Face is backlit for easy reading
  • Battery saving auto turn off after three minutes
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The Good

Intelli IMT-500 is small, compact and light that you could keep it in your pocket. The scale is easy to read and understood. The jaws of the clip covered with soft rubber pads. This means it will protect your instrument for being scratches. This mini tuner is perfect for musical school beginner to concerts musician. It is an awesome gadget for everybody!

The Bad

The only problem I found about Intelli IMT-500 is the buttons on the tuner will buzz occasionally. But this is not a big deal to me because I will just remove the tuner when I’m done with tuning.

Overall, Intelli IMT-500 is a great tuner. I like its pocket size built and green display. It is so easy to use and I would definitely recommend this tuner to everyone!



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