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Qwik Tune Guitar Professor Chord Finder Review

Qwik Tune Guitar Professor Chord Finder

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Guitar Professor from Qwik Tune is one little gadget which has the function of a guitar tuner, pitch pipe and chord finder.  It combines the essential guitar tools into one brilliant package and save most of your time and troubles.

This neat technology design will not only help you to get your musical instrument in tune, but also will give you a hand on finding those strange guitar chords that you need from time to time. It can teach you over 250 chords (major and minor) and required 2 AAA batteries to operate.


  • Guitar tuner, fine-tune any type of guitar – acoustic, electric or bass
  • Chord finder, records hundreds of chord graphs
  • Pitch pipe, alternate way to tune your guitar manually
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The good

Unlike other chromatic tuners in store, Guitar Professor is unique because of its multiple functionalities. You could have the choice of electronic tuner, pitch pipe and handy reference of over 200 major and minor chords. This is extremely useful for guitar beginners as they no longer need to flip their chord book from time to time. With Guitar Professor on hand, you can enjoy all the conveniences within a few push of buttons.

Design is always a big plus point for Guitar Professor as it is very handy, light weight and fits in your palm. The device also has a large display screen so that user could see all the data clearly.

Majority of the users have great experience when using this tuner. Most of them found it is very user friendly. You just need to turn the tuner mode on and pluck each guitar string. The microphone works pretty well and gives good range. If you let the device idle for a while, it will turns off by itself for power saving.

Tips and tricks

When you use Guitar Professor with acoustic guitar, suggested you rest the tuner on your knee with the distant of about 8 inches from your instrument. Start the tuning with your low E first and all the way work from top to bottom. After that, you may go back and double check each string again.

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The bad

Basically Guitar Professor covers the needs we required for an electronic tuner. The only pitfall is its inability to tune other than standard tuning. But this does not seems to be a problem as most of the people who using Guitar Professor is either a beginner or at intermediate level, and they haven’t reached the need for alternate tuning yet.

Like some of the electronic tuners, Guitar Professor requires an environment relatively free from ambient noise in order to hear your instrument. So if you are tuning in a noisy room, the device might not work well.


If you are new to guitar playing and do not wish to carry a chord book around, Guitar Professor is the one you should get. This gadget made guitar tuning so easy and the chord finder is a big help to all newbies. It will save all the trouble and your time, plus give you a very accurate reading. With a tuner, pitch control and chord finder in one nice package, and the price of less than $20, this gadget is a steal! Read more user reviews.


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